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Summer Cleaning with a Kirby in NH

Posted by admin on July 31, 2014

Beautiful New Bedroom InteriorSummer is a time to spend with friends and family; enjoying both the outdoors and indoors while beating the heat. During the summer months, we’re able to take a moment and see just how the winter and spring seasons affected our homes. And, like most people, you’ll probably notice that summer is a good time for cleaning as well! After busy winter and spring seasons, having a Kirby in NH is one of the best ways to give your home a deep cleaning, so we’d like to share some summer cleaning tips with you.

It’s never too late to start your summer cleaning either. While we spend time at barbecues, pool parties, and picnics, chances are that clutter may start to gather in our homes. And it’s not just clutter that needs to be taken care of during the summer months, but every homeowner also has to be aware that bugs, allergens, dirt, and dust easily find their way into our homes as well. While summer cleaning may seem like a daunting task, when you have a Kirby in NH, you’ll find that you can tackle anything that nature, or your kids, throw at you!

Cleaning Tips

The living room is one area of the home that sees a great deal of traffic and should be cleaned first. Before vacuuming your carpets or using your Kirby to buff your hardwood floors, first use dust clothes on furniture and other furnishings in your living room. Using the handheld option on your Kirby vacuum, clean lint, dust, and crumbs that have built up under and around your sofa’s cushions and pillows. Disinfect commonly used fixtures like door knobs, light switches, phones, and windows. Then use your Kirby vacuum to give your carpet a deep cleaning and your hardwood floors a good shining. Do the same thing for other rooms in your home as well. A clean home is a fun home.

For the kitchen and bathroom, use your portable Kirby vacuum cleaner to deep clean cupboards, underneath sinks, and in drawers. First make sure to rid your bathrooms and kitchen of dirt, dust, and anything you don’t use anymore. Disinfect all the fixtures, clean out the sinks, vacuum any floor mats, and use a toilet and shower cleaner as well. With your home clean and healthy, now go ahead and enjoy the summer!