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Like to Multitask? Buy a Kirby

Posted by admin on September 25, 2013

The Kirby Vacuum has been sold door to door for almost 100 years. When our employees show up at your house, they’ll put on display all the cleaning possibilities, versatility, and durability that comes along with owning a Kirby Vacuum. And here at Kirby of Concord, we’re no different. We stick to the tenets developed by Kirby vacuum founder, Jim Kirby, who patented a number of inventions, but whose greatest impact in cleaning history has been the solid Kirby vacuum cleaner.
An image showing Jim Kirby, the founder of Kirby Vacuums.







Not much has changed since Jim Kirby invented the first Kirby Vacuum. There’s been a great deal of new attachments and applications developed from what Mr. Kirby started, but the basic design has remained the same and has proven resilient ever since.

Kirby’s many applications

An image showing an upright Kirby Vacuum and its attachments.

At Kirby of Concord, we offer all the latest designs and attachments available. A Kirby vacuum is able to be used as a powerful upright and easy to control vacuum with it’s, “Drive,” feature. This is a switch located at the bottom of the Kirby that works much like the, “Drive,” gear in your car. Switching it on allows the user to vacuum with little elbow grease and more thrust from the vacuum itself. A Kirby can also easily be transformed into a smaller, more portable, almost fully handheld machine that can be used to get underneath hard to reach areas. Its many attachments provide the user with easy cleaning no matter how troublesome the dirty area may be.


And, aside from its only suction function, a Kirby vacuum can also be reversed to blow a strong force of air as well. This provides the user with many more possible applications. It can be used as a leaf blower, a common debris remover, and even as a paint sprayer!
An image showing the handheld feature of a Kirby vacuum








If you’re interested in what a Kirby can do for you and your home, schedule a demo with us today!