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Complete Home Care

Kirby Avalir Home Cleaning SystemThe latest home cleaning product offered is the Kirby Avalir Home Care System. The Avalir takes all the amazing features of our previous home care products and combines them into a new system with better cleaning power, usability and more improvements, making it quite possible the best home cleaning system available on the market today.

Highlights of the Avalir Include

  • Powerful airflow, removing even the deepest dirt and dust
  • TechDrive® power assist, allowing almost anyone to push a Kirby
  • Toe Touch Control allows you to easily adjust the cleaning height
  • LED headlight for dark corners and other unlit areas
  • Totally redesigned carpet shampoo system!
  • Portable mode allows you to clean your mattress
  • Wide variety of attachments for all areas of your home
  • Easy pet hair removal from furniture
  • Polish and buff hard surface floors

Kirby is Built To Last

Constructed with die-cast aluminum parts, our products will stand up to years of tough use. Stop investing in home cleaning products that need to be replaced or repaired, and invest in a Kirby.

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So Easy To Use

Kirby owners will back us when we say, you have it easy. Stop messing with multiple vaccuums and cleaning systems, when you can have one simple system for almost any job. With only a few simple steps you can convert your Kirby home care system into the proper cleaning tool for most applications.

We Understand Filtration

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) awarded the Kirby Avalir home care system the Gold Level seal of approval. Our vacuum cleaner meets the organization’s strict requirements for dust containment, soil removal, and carpet appearance retention. Use your Kirby to remove dust, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, dust mites and more.

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