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Reuniting Your Pets With a Clean Home

Posted by admin on August 26, 2013

Everyone loves their pets but hate the masses of hair and fur they can leave clinging to clothes, furniture, and skin. Pet owners consider their furry friends as family so are willing to put up with the hairy mess that they can leave behind. It’s embarrassing to have your favorite black dress or suit covered in pet hair, but we all do our best to keep our favorite articles of clothing away from annoying pet dander; fumbling with lint brushes or even duct tape. Pet dander can also wreak havoc as an environmental allergic agent.

Kirby’s Filtration System

Kirby Of Concord NH diagram of Micron Magic HEPA filtration system.Only Kirby vacuums have suction powerful enough to literally pull pet dander from any carpet or furniture. And only Kirby’s filtration system traps, among other common household debris, pet dander inside its disposable filter bag. Unlike other vacuums, Kirby’s filtration system is not porous enough to let microscopic particles and pet hair to pass through the cleaner and back into the air in your home.

With a Kirby, you can rest easy knowing that both your home and pets will look their best. So you can say good bye to lint brushes and duct tape, because Kirby’s powerful suction and filtration system will keep Fido’s fur on him and not on you.