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Kirby of Concord: Celebrating a New Year with a New Vacuum!

Posted by admin on January 3, 2014

There’s a lot going on at Kirby of Concord right now. Not only are we heading into a new year and celebrating our 100th Anniversary, we’re also offering the newest Kirby vacuum model available; the Kirby Avalir Vacuum! While we’ve been excited about all of the products we’ve released over the last hundred years, the enthusiasm revolving around the Avalir is simply unparalleled. It’s the finest vacuum we’ve produced and you’ll learn that it’s the finest vacuum to own. Start your new year with this new Kirby vacuum model!

If you’ve bought a Kirby in NH already, you know how effective our vacuums are for a wide array of cleaning needs. Releasing the new Avalir had us holding our head in our hands wondering how to improve on our previous models, but we managed to outdo ourselves again!

An image showing the new Kirby Avalir vacuum.

The New Kirby Avalir

The first thing you’ll notice about the Avalir is its modern and elegant design. Its lush, brown cloth bag is adorned with vivid, teal accents that update the overall aesthetic quality of the vacuum to adhere to today’s modern décor. The teal touch points on the Avalir guide the user for easier handling. The bag’s assembly base has been redesigned to maximize air power and suction. It’s also easier to carry because the base has an improved handle grip. The newly designed base also makes it easier for the consumer to turn the Avalir into a carpet shampooer. Also, the long, chrome colored handle locks better at the base, making it more stable for lifting while the bag’s arm also works as an extra carrying handle.

The Avalir also easily makes waste of any top shelf competitor’s vacuum models. While the Avalir may have some things in common with other brands; like adjustable height, headlight, cleaning attachments, and HEPA filtration, no other vacuum brands employ aluminum construction, feather light movement, a shampoo system, a lifetime rebuild plan, tech drive power assist, and the fact that the Avalir is built right here in America.

If you’re interested in seeing the new Kirby Avalir in action, schedule a demo today!