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The Kirby Avalir

The Kirby Avalir is NOT just a vacuum, it is a complete home care system. Don’t invest in multiple appliances when you can have it all with one amazing system.

Kirby of ConcordUpright Vacuum

Our upright deep-cleaning vacuum will work on a variety of floor types, including delicate carpets, hardwood floors and throw rugs.

  • The Avalir uses gentle vibration to shake the dirt loose from deep within your carpeting.
  • The Avalir vacuum utilized a unique and powerful airflow to pull dirt and particles out of the deepest carpeting. So powerful it can even slightly lift your carpet from the floor as it cleans!
  • The Avalir system can be easily adjusted to the proper height for any type of floor.

Carpet Shampoo System nhCompletely Redesigned Carpet Shampoo System

With an optional Kirby attachment you can achieve professional level carpet cleaning at a fraction of the cost. The Avalir system can be easily converted right into a carpet shampoo system, allowing you to clean your own carpets without hiring expensive professionals.

  • Amazingly easy & quick-drying
  • Impressive results
  • Clean at your own convenience

Canister Vacuum Cleaner nhCanister Vacuum Cleaner

The Kirby Avalir system can be easily converted into a canister vacuum for those hard to reach places. But what makes us different than traditional canister vacuums?

  • Huge variety of attachments for cleaning cracks, stairs, upholstery, draperies, walls, ceilings, shelves and more
  • The dirt is directed around the motor, not through it, avoiding costly repairs
  • Unique cooling system to avoid overheating & loss of suction, a common problem with canister vacuums that have only one fan for both
  • 7 amp motor, using less electricity, yet still providing amazing suction across all 15 feet of hose
  • Unobstructed airflow as dirt conveniently drops to the bottom

Kirby NH Floor BufferFloor Buffer

Restore the sheen of your hardwood floors with little effort!

The Avalir home care system features an optional attachment that buffs your hard-surface floors to an amazing shine. The unique soft-bristle brush gently, yet rapidly, rotates against the hard-surface, leaving the floor polished and clean.

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