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Buy a Kirby and Keep Your Indoor Environment Healthy

Posted by admin on February 19, 2014

At Kirby of Concord, we know that the greatest judges of our success are our customers so go to great lengths to remind them just how beneficial they can be to the cleanliness of your home. When you buy a Kirby vacuum, you’re buying far more than what any other vacuum can offer. A Kirby vacuum’s filtration system simply can’t be beat by any other competitor and is the only vacuum that contributes to the overall well being of your home’s or office’s indoor environment.

Compared to other vacuums, a Kirby vacuum has a filtration system that actually removes microscopic and problematic things like dust mites, mold, mildew, and pet dander; all of which can wreak havoc on the quality of your indoor environment. The last thing anyone needs is more dust in their homes and more pet dander on their favorite clothes.

Reasons to Buy a Kirby

An image showing a woman using a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Not only are Kirby vacuums built to last and easy to use, they also have the most advanced filtration system of any of its competitors. The deep cleaning Kirby vacuum is the only vacuum that’s able to effectively rid your carpet of pesky dust balls and mold. Also, when used as a carpet cleaner shampoo system, a Kirby vacuum gives your carpets and rugs a deep clean that serves to minimize the threats posed by mold, mold spores, and mildew.

Mold and mildew are also prone to thrive in tiled kitchens and bathrooms. Luckily, when you buy a Kirby vacuum, you also have the ability to use the machine as a floor buffer. This works to effectively keep tiles mold and mildew free; which also adds to the overall health of your indoor environment. All of these qualities make owning a Kirby an essential tool for keeping you, your family, and your friends in a healthier environment.